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April 8, 2007
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Force Chronicle : JEDI by BongzBerry Force Chronicle : JEDI by BongzBerry
This is my Elseworld STAR WARS Story, called STAR WARS : The Force Chronicle. Took time 7 decades after STAR WARS : Legacy . The friction between Sith and Jedi are almost non existent in this era. Sometime the Sith and Jedi must reluctantly work hand in hand to save themselves, because this time they got better opponent to face, a new race called The De’Saad or mostly known as The Force Devourer. This monstrousity consume Force energy to sustain their terrible way of life. Able to posses humanoid or alien form, then mutated them into Force sensitive hunter killer, ( which in this case a Jedi or Sith ) The more Midi Chlorian contained in their victim, more stronger they’ll become. I’ll tell you about De’Saad some other time. Here we got our first bunch of characters of this story. Here are The Jedi ..

From left to right :

1.Master Kron, formerly known as Darth Kronus. Lightsaber master at Jedi
Jedi Academy. The leader of Jedi task force to deal with the De’Saad.
Lost his left eye when he fought Master K’el Baktion on the moon of Krona. Master Baktion defeated him and spare his life, Darth Kronus pledge allegiance to the Light and learn the Jedi way.

2.Gail Organa Solo, direct descendant to legendary hot shot pilot Han Solo.
Witty, fast talking, hot headed, and a better pilot. Gail is everything Han would asked for a great great granddaughter. Padawan Jedi learning under the tutelage of Master Kron. Kron aware that Gail also has that Dark Force sparks as her ancestor, great Anakin Skywalker.

3.Lumpawaarrump, or Lumpy for short. Is the son of mighty Chewbacca. At
180 years old Lumpy is barely adult for Wookies standard. After many decades the Wookies was absent to have one of their own in Jedi Academy, Lumpy was in. Last Wookie Jedi was Jedi Master Tyvokkaa, who perished on a mission during Old Republic era. Lumpy is already full pledged Jedi knight. He refuse to cut his Padawan braids. Now partners with Caine Skywalker.

4.Tiix Trelyaan. Highest Midi Chlorian counted in humanoid being ever since the era of Anakin Skywalker. Master Kron, found this orphan after a pack of De’Saad wiped out Jedi Training center on Ambyss. Somehow the De’Saad missed her. Or just missed her on purpose ? Her origin is shrouded in mystery. As unique as she looks, Kiit build her first lightsaber when she was 3 years old. Now train directly under Master Jedi Baktion.

5. Caine Skywalker. Another entry from House Of Skywalkers. The House
that first established by Ben Skywalker and Anakin Solo. This family known
as the true Force bearers. Caine share his great ancestor enthusiast for
thing that go too fast to do something stupid in it. Great swordsman as he
is damn good pilot. Wears similar Jedi tunic worn by his ancestor, the
great Anakin Skywalker. Caine partners with Lumpy on numerous mission
which set their place on Jedi history. Lumpy always insist the he’s the better
pilot, not Caine.

6. Ven Kretonna. A Twi’lek Jedi. This notorious Jedi Knight known for
NEVER wears or use lightsaber. He’s the master of Force Lightning, a power where among Jedi of old era would be considered blasphemy since Force lightning was the Sith ultimate weapon. He’s also master of mind manipulation, unlike his great great relative Bib Fortuna, Ven never fail to block another Jedi or Sith mind tricks.

7.Jedi Master K’el Baktion. The current grand Master Jedi at Yavin 4
Jedi Academy . Master K’el is a Krikiit from dwarf moon of Jabiim, from forgotten Naveen 4 star system, just 12 par-sec beyond Outer Rim. No one really knows how old he is now. Rumors said Master K’el was among the first padawans that Luke Skywalker recruited for his newly built Jedi Academy right after the fall of Dark Empire. He defeated Darth Kronus and convert him into Jedi. Caine Skywalker was once his Padawan.

8.Ballin Starfoxx. Former Sith apprentice now fully pledged Jedi knight.
Ballin never revealed who his former master was, but he wears tattoo on his face which suspiciously similar to Darth Maul’s .One Of greatest Sith warrior ever lived. Whose life and death inspired many followers like Darth Talon and her crew on STAR WARS : Legacy Era.
Never known what’s the motive Starfoxx convert to Jedi way. Most of his secret was well kept with Master K’el, who were his Jedi Master . Starfoxx loyality to Master was unquestionable, and he proved that time after time. Unlike other Jedi who go on mission with partner ( usually couple ) Starfoxx works solo. He also bounty hunting on his spare time.

Enjoy Guys..

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tasui Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
I like the concept of reformed sith. Those masters look badass btw.
BWS2K Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Young-Gun94 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
A Skywalker post-Legacy who isn't a burned out drug-head? Consider me impressed.
julius1880 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Really cool. Reminds me of when I played SW in the past.
spectrum-sparkle Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012
This brings back memories.....
wanja90 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
amazing job i realy like the story and the drawings :D
LordGavinGunhold Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010
Your work is quite outstanding if I do say so myself. I love all of your unique character and costume designs. I especially love K'el Baktion and Ven Kretonna. I have always wondered what an entirely force-dependant Jedi would be like. I especially love how your Jedi robes are unique and artistic without losing that Jedi-ish touch. Your work is truly amazing!
duche Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010
very nice work
GregLike Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
I just love it. Also a big plus for the characters background ;p You realy did an compelling peace of an star wars work here ;):D i'm loving it
litanilitani Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
this is definitely a favorite!!
love your style..! and the background story of the characters is so believable. great work!
love it.

i'll be watching you!
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